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We help companies make better business decisions by describing, visualizing and interpreting the structures and mechanisms behind big data.

You have the numbers – let us tell you what they mean.

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Our core competency is data mining. We utilize predictive econometric modeling, association and cluster analysis as well as anomaly detection techniques for in-depth understanding of data structures.

Modeling illustration

Modeling and behavior prediction

Being able to predict the behavior of your clients will help you design the most efficient management and marketing strategies and redesign processes and products to increase your business volume.

Using multivariate analysis, we can tell you if a certain product is bought or not, what kind of brands are preferred, how is your service rated, how clients react to price points or what volume is being spent, all presented in easy to understand reports.

Forecasting illustration

Forecasting trends and seasons

Your data is cyclical, moving according to trends and seasons. By making these hidden cycles and seasonality visible and forecasting their future occurrence we can help you design the best sales and marketing strategies.

Understand customer behavior and buying patterns, spot selling opportunities and focus your resources to reduce costs.

Cluster analysis illustration

Cluster and association analysis

Any data generated by a non-random process has inherently associated features. Knowing and understanding that certain types of products are bought together will allow you to redesign product placement or client offers and increase the chances of additional purchases.

The choice set faced by your customers is already present in the client data you have been collecting — uncovering it with cluster analysis will give you powerful data driven tools to optimize your business accordingly.

Anomaly detection illustration

Anomaly detection

Certain events and types of behavior are too unlikely to happen randomly. We can detect and attach probabilities to these so you can effectively decide if some cases, clients or companies are unique enough to merit further attention.

Problematic use cases of your products or processes can be flagged systematically, replacing ad hoc approaches to fraud detection or system disturbances.

Automation illustration

Automatic analysis

We can automate our analytical tools to run periodically or on demand, enabling you to pinpoint changes in your data and see if your chosen strategy is making a difference.

The likelihood of certain behavior can be computed immediately, giving you a fast and effective marketing tool to approach your clients with the most suitable products.

Data preprocessing illustration

Data preprocessing

Missing data will bias any analysis you are running on your own. We can estimate the absent values using tools designed to deal with non-randomly missing data and use the latest multiple imputation techniques to deal with data issues.

About us

Statlab is a spin-off company of the University of Tartu. This allows us to tap into the university's research potential and boost our analysis capabilities to tackle assignments of any size.